Required paperwork:
All volunteers, new and returning, must complete the volunteer service agreement, duty statement, and arrest/conviction form. In addition, they must complete a live scan fingerprinting at a local police station. This provides workers’ compensation coverage during the time you perform volunteer duties under the direction of the state park staff. All of the above information is considered confidential.

Volunteer sign-up:
Volunteers are asked to sign up for the Visitor Center (VC) and nature walks (NW) before the middle of the month prior. Ideally, you should also sign up for future volunteer time when you are on the mountain. Since we drive from many different areas, advanced planning and communication with the Volunteer Coordinator are essential. Remember you are expected to volunteer eight hours per month.

Volunteers are expected to provide and wear a khaki-colored shirt with the San Jacinto Peak patch sewn on the left sleeve about ¾” from the shoulder. The State Park Volunteer Patch is to be sewn on the right sleeve also ¾” from the shoulder. No other patches should be worn while volunteering. Solid colored pants or walking-length shorts are preferred, no neon colors, please! Hiking boots or athletic shoes are acceptable footwear. You may wear sandals in the VC only. For safety reasons, please do not wear them out on the trails! Wear your name badge over the right pocket of your shirt (or the same area if your shirt does not have a pocket). The patches and nametag are part of a material package that you purchase.

Tram rides:
The complimentary ride is a privilege not to be abused. Only volunteers scheduled who come to help in the Visitor Center or volunteer in some other capacity may be granted this privilege. It is not acceptable to use your uniform to gain routine access to the park via the Tram for personal recreation interests. Volunteers who ride the Tram are expected to give a minimum four hours of assistance at the top. For your own use, you may purchase Tram tickets at a discount by showing your NHA membership card. Annual passes are also available from the ticket booth.

Volunteers are strongly encouraged to join the Natural History Association, but it is not a requirement in order to volunteer for the State Park. Your membership assists the NHA in its continued support of the State Park and its various programs.

A volunteer’s overall appearance and behavior should be neat and professional. Volunteers are expected to abide by all Tram and State Park rules and regulations, including obtaining permits for hiking and camping. Volunteers who do not comply will be dropped from the program.

Use of alcohol and/or drugs will not be tolerated before or during volunteer duty or any other time when you are in uniform at the Tram or State Park or in other “on duty” situations.

Provide factual information:
If you are not sure about the answer to a question or other queries say, “I don’t know” and try to find the answer. The park staff and the publications in the VC are a wealth of information. Refer questions regarding the Tram and its operation to Tram personnel.

Report accidents or other emergencies immediately to the ranger station or tram staff with all detailed, factual information available. [See more detailed emergency information elsewhere in this website.]

  • Do not provide aspirin or any other medication to anyone; it may be purchased at the gift shop.
  • Do not perform any first aid beyond your own training and current certification.
  • Do not leave an injured person; send someone else to the Ranger Station for help or the tram building, whichever is closest.
  • If no one is at the Ranger Station, the Tram staff may be able to contact park staff by radio or obtain other medical assistance.

Cooperation/reporting problems:
Volunteers are expected to work together in a professional manner. If problems arise with another volunteer’s behavior, please contact the supervising ranger or the Volunteer Coordinator immediately. Remember we are all here to help one another, serve the public and enjoy the mountain. If you observe another volunteer not adhering to volunteer standards, it is requested that you report your concern to the volunteer coordinator, supervising ranger, or ranger on duty. As a volunteer you represent the State Park and your behavior reflects upon the state park.

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