Map & Compass knowledge allows an individual with the right equipment to hike anywhere in the world and find their way around without having to follow trails or paths made by others. Learn the basics of navigation using a map and compass. Learn how to read a topographic map, identify landmarks, take a bearing and find your location. This hike and class discussion will be led by Teresa Gaulin and Sandy Jones and others, all Wilderness Patroller members of the Hasty Search and Rescue Team at Mount San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness.





Date: August 4, 2018
Time: 8:30 AM to early afternoon Arrive at the tram by 7:30 a.m. to assure getting the first tram at 8 a.m. to arrive at the Long Valley Ranger Station by 8:30 AM
Place: Long Valley Ranger Station.  See map LVRS
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Distance:  5 miles roundtrip, uneven terrain, off-trail backcountry
Destination: To be determined
Reservations: Reservation is required. Space is limited
Requirements:  Compass and Topographical Map (available at the visitor center and Long Valley Ranger Station (see map LVRS ). Each participant must bring water, trail snacks, lunch and a backpack carrying what they normally carry on a day hike. We recommend a minimum 3 liters of water per person. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
Proper hiking attire i.e. hiking clothes, hiking boots, hat, sunglasses
We depart the Long Valley Ranger Station at 8:30 AM and return around 1:00 PM

Any questions please contact us at  

Present your NHA membership card and receive a 20% ticket discount on tram fare and 10% on food.

Booking:  A reservation is required.  Only one booking is permitted at a time. For more than one, simply fill out the form again with the information for each additional enrollee and submit. Overbookings will be waitlisted and if space becomes available enrollee will be notified in order of priority.

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