Reptiles and Amphibians
Common name

Scientific Name

General habitat type
Ensatina Salamander Ensatina eschscholtzi moist coniferous forests
Granite Night Lizard Xantusia henshawi rocky slopes,exfoliating boulders – abundant crevices
Garden Slender Salamander Batrachoseps major moist lower elevation canyons
Western Toad Anaxyrus boreas moist meadows, streams, lakes
California Treefrog Pseudacris cadaverina lower elevation streams
Baja California Treefrog Pseudacris hypochondriaca lower elevation streams
Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Rana muscosa lower elevation streams
Granite Spiny Lizard Sceloporus orcutti rocky outcrop areas
Western Fence Lizard Sceloporus occidentalis rocky outcrop areas up to 6,500 ft
Southern Sagebrush Lizard Sceloporus vandenburgianus all habitats
Western Skink Plestiodon skiltonianus coniferous forests to 9000 ft
Southern Alligator Lizard Elgaria multicarinatus low elevations, all habitats
Southen Rubber Boa Charina umbratica rocky outcrops, coniferous forests
Ringneck Snake Diadophis punctatus moist canyons, lower elevations
Striped Racer Masticophis lateralis lower elevations, chaparral
Gophersnake Pituophis catenifer all habitats
California Kingsnake Lampropeltis californiae lower elevations, chaparral-oak
Mountain Kingsnake Lampropeltis zonata coniferous forests
Southern Pacific Rattlesnake Crotalus helleri wide range
Speckled Rattlesnake Crotalus mitchellii seen in Long Valley
Two-striped Gartersnake Thamnophis hammondii lower elevation streams, lakes

Thanks to Mark Fisher, Senior Museum Scientist, University of California for his assistance in developing these fact sheets.

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