Wax Current

Ribes cereum var. cereum

Squaw Current
Photo taken in Long Valley by Russ Andersen
Saxifrage (Saxifragaceae)
Deep green, sticky leaves
Pink flowers have five lobes
June, July; berries in late August and September; LV to top of peak
Dry, gravelly or rocky ridges, sunny, disturbed areas
This is a large bush (1/2 to 4 feet high). The stems are thornless but the related gooseberry does have thorns. The pink-red berries are edible and attract both birds and insects. We can eat them raw, cooked or sun-dried. Both currant and gooseberry (R. roezlii) were used by Native Americans to make Pemmican, a deer-fat based food high in calories and nutrition. It was used as a food source when traveling and during winter in many areas of America. The wood was used for arrows.
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