White Fir

Abies concolor

White Fir
Photo taken in Long Valley by Russ Andersen, NHA
Pine (Pinaceae)
130′ – 150′ under ideal conditions; usually about 100′, 3′ – 4′ diameter; max. 200′ by 6′
Mature in about 300 yrs; seldom older than 350 yrs.
Silver-gray to white (which gives this trees its name); on older trees it is very hard, and rough; 4″ – 7″ thick
2” – 3”; grow singly off the branches almost at right angles; flattened, blunt tips
Usually about 3”-5″ long, olive green to purplish; seldom found on the ground because they disintegrate while they are still on the tree. Cones grow erect on the branches towards the upper reaches of the tree.
6000’ to 9000
One of the most common trees in the park, but seldom grows in pure stands. Seedlings do not grow well in open sun; young trees found mainly in shade of parent trees (shade tolerant). During the Christmas season, White fir is sold as “silver fir.”
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