The Mount San Jacinto Natural History Association (NHA) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to: Promote the educational and interpretive activities of California State Parks.

Mt. San Jacinto Natural History Association produce and make available to the park visitors suitable interpretive and educational literature and materials. Acquire display materials or objects pertaining to the cultural and natural history of the area.

Give all possible aid to the California State Parks for the benefit of the people.

Projects Supported by the NHA -- 2015-2016

• Education and interpretive supplies for the Visitor Center.
• Supplies for various outreach projects - Girl Scouts, Earth Day at Living Desert, Wildflower Festival at the SRSJ Nat'l Monument.
• Supplies for Jr. Ranger Program craft activities.
• Temporary interpretive signs on Discovery Trail.
• Glass display cases for our State Park approved
• New specimens of bird species for State Park.
• Various necessary equipment.
• Salary assistance for interpretive State Park Aides.
• Approved funding for updating A-V kiosk in the State Park Museum.
• Directional signage on many trail locations.

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